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Cornwall Ambulance Service are providing coronavirus (COVID-19) testing stations within Cornwall for key workers on behalf of Kernow Health CIC.

This page provides information on the data we collect to enable us to provide the service.

Data Controller

Cornwall Ambulance Service have been contracted by Kernow Health CIC and they decide what information is required and how it needs to be used.

What personal data we collect

Details of the employee that is currently isolating, and the individual with symptoms, are collected through the referral website to enable testing appointments to be allocated.

The details that a referring manager needs to provide are:

  • Referring manager’s name
  • Referring manager’s contact number
  • Referring manager’s email address
  • Whether the employee or a member of their household has symptoms
  • Legal name of employee
  • Employee home address and postcode
  • Employee’s phone number
  • Whether the employee is patient facing
  • The service or trust the employee works for
  • Legal name of individual requiring a test
  • Date of Birth of individual requiring a test
  • Doctors Surgery of individual requiring a test
  • Preferred test site

One a swab has been completed, the swab and contact details of the individual are provided to RCHT for processing. Cornwall Ambulance Service does not receive test results.